Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Beauty Blender

There's no beating around the bush with this little beauty! I adore the Beauty Blender!

I have shared my favourite face brushes with you here, but since then I got my hands on a Beauty Blender and haven't looked back! 

A damp beauty blender (all excess water squeezed out) blends liquid foundation easily and evenly and you're left with a beautiful flawless base.

I will say that my absolute favourite thing to use this for is blending out my under eye concealer, it is flawless!!! It blends seamlessly and doesn't leave any creases!

Sometimes I will still use a brush to apply my foundation, as it's a bit faster, and then go over it with the Beauty Blender to ensure it doesn't go cakey.

You can also use this to blend out liquid highlighter and cream blush for a more even finish (I also find highlighters less harsh this way)

This particular Beauty Blender came with the Blendercleanser which is the cleaner they recommend you use, it's like a bar of soap and works really well cleaning it. The only thing I will say is that a lot of pink dye seems to come out when cleaning the beauty blender, no matter how many times I clean it! I've heard they have a white one now so might look out for that.

You can find the Beauty Blender here for £14.30 (cheapest I found) and I think it's worth every penny! You can get the white one here for £16.00. 

Overall this is quite possibly the best beauty tool I own and I own a lot! 

Have you got/tried this yet? Let me know your thoughts in the comments

Amanda x

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Tuesday, 25 November 2014

One Sweep Wonders - MAC

Ever need to slap on make up in a bit of a hurry but want to look like you've made an effort? Well i've got just the thing for you...

One Sweep Wonders! These are what I refer to as eye shadows you can apply really quickly but you're left looking like you actually spent some time on your eyes.

Loads of brands have their 'One Sweep Wonders' and my two favourite MAC eye shadows (in my current collection) for this are All That Glitters and Satin Taupe. Patina and Sable are also great but I don't have them at the moment.

L-R All That Glitters & Satin Taupe

They're both beautiful shades that are multi tonal and really easy to blend out, which is why you get that effortless look on your eyes! I take the colour on a fluffy brush (like the MAC 217) and pack the colour on the lid and then blend it out and up into the crease/socket.

All that Glitters is actually quite a hard colour to describe. It's a rose gold/peachy with a hint of bronze shade and is shimmery which is why it's so great as a one sweep wonder, it looks completely different on the lid to how it looks in the crease.

Satin Taupe is a mauve/brown shade and is just beautiful! You can build the shadow up really well so it's darker where you need it. Blended out in the crease (eye socket) you can achieve a really gorgeous effect. It has a slight shimmer to it but not as much as All That Glitters and my favourite out of the two.

L-R All That Glitters & Satin Taupe

So what do you think, What would be your pick from these two? and do you have any recommendations for me?

Amanda x

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Monday, 24 November 2014

My Little Box (November 2014)

I received my 'My Little Box' on Friday, the 'Cosy' edition and as my love for this is still going strong, I wanted to share it with you.

I cannot believe the quality of this box, it really has blown all the other subscription beauty boxes out of the water for me!

Every month you get a little poster/card with a cute quote on it and the magazine. The first product I saw was a microwaveable cushion 'My Little Bouillotte' by Tsumori Chisato. This can sit on your neck/shoulders and help ease tension.

Next up is the cutest little mug, I suppose it's an espresso mug, which I don't drink and it's really too small for anything else, so it may hold pens on my desk.

Then in the little bag there was a My Little Beauty (own brand) Mascara, a Arcancil Waterproof Eye liner in black and an Yves Rocher Eye shadow in 112 Brun Cafe Mat (a matte dark brown).

Swatches on Left are the waterproof eye liner and the eye shadow in 112 Brun

Every month I look forward to getting this box and it continues to be the only one i'm subscribed to. The box is £14.95 per month including P&P. 

Do you think you might subscribe if you're not already?

Amanda x

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Friday, 21 November 2014

New Nail Polish Additions

When I saw Barry M had released a few new shades for Autumn/Winter I couldn't help but pick some up!

I got 3 new shades Ballerina (Dusky Pink), Paprika (Burnt Orange) and Vintage Violet (Dusky Purple). I also got the Nails inc polish as a freebie in this months Glamour magazine and thought I would include it in this post as I adore the colour, its a warm toned grey (it has a hint of brown to it).

L-R Ballerina, Paprika, Vintage Violet, Marylebone Mews

I'm currently wearing Marylebone Mews and I love it! Had to apply 4 thin coats to get the desired opaqueness, but it hasn't chipped yet!

What do you think of these shades & have you got any?

Amanda x

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Thursday, 20 November 2014

My Christmas Jumper Picks

My Christmas Jumper Picks

So I have been trawling the internet for the best Christmas Jumpers, so you don't have to! 

1. Oasis Heart & Snowflake Jumper £45 here 

2. New Look Red Coca Cola Christmas Sweater £19.99 here 

3. Boohoo Hollie Reindeers and Snowflake Christmas Jumper £15 here 

4. Boohoo Addison Reindeer Love Christmas Jumper £15 here 

5. M&S Christmas Snowman Flecked Effect Jumper £28 here 

6. Warehouse Kissing Reindeer Jumper £38 here 

7. Olaf Do You Want To Build A Snowman (ebay) £6.99 here 

8. New Look Brave Soul Stone Fluffy Reindeer Jumper £27.99 here 

9. ASOS This Girl Loves Christmas Jumper £30 here 

So what do you think? Will you be wearing any of my picks this season? 

Amanda x

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Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Empties #3

Time for another 'Empties' post! I've finished up a few bits so thought i'd share them and do mini reviews...

Soap & Glory Sugar Crush Shower Gel. This smells gorgeous! very zesty but also sweet. It's really moisturising and leaves the skin feeling clean and fresh. I have already repurchased!

Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel is a must have for me! I love everything about this, the smell, texture, results! I have a full review here if you want more info.

Something negative I have to say about this is that the packaging has changed and I don't like it! The pump isn't as good as the old packaging and there is 50ml less product than before but the price remains the same! I still love it but feel very disappointed with these new changes.

Pai Chamomile & Rosehip Calming Day Cream. This is a great moisturiser for sensitive skin and is particularly good for me when I have an eczema/dermatitis outbreak!

Original Source Vanilla Milk & Raspberry Handwash. I am very scent driven by hand washes and this doesn't disappoint! It smells like drumstick lollies, which I love! It's a lovely handwash, lathers well and leaves hands clean and smelling lovely. 

So what do you think? any of these take your fancy?

Amanda x

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Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Lush Christmas Wish List

I love Lush but only really tend to shop there when the Christmas/Holiday collections come out.

Here are a few of the things on my 'want to try/buy' wish list!

1. Candy Mountain (Bubble Bar)

2. Snow Fairy Shower Gel (a must have every Christmas!)

3. The Christmas Penguin (Bubble Bar)

4. So White Shower Gel

5. Father Christmas (Bath Bomb)

6. Rose Jam Shower Gel

7. Northern Lights (Bath Bomb)

8. Santa's Lip Scrub (Cola flavoured)

9. So White (Bath Bomb)

So what do you love about Lush at this time of year?

Amanda x

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