Friday, 10 April 2015

Things that have made me Happy #1

I am definitely a glass half empty kinda gal and when bad things happen I automatically fear the worst. Anyone who knows me will agree i'm sure. 

I know I can't change myself overnight but I have seen this type of post on other blogs and thought it would be a great way to remember all the good things, no matter how small, so here goes...

  • Getting my cousin's wedding invitation through the post, I literally squealed with delight! Not until next year but i'm very excited.
  • I won a competition! Never have I won anything before! I entered a giveaway on Amelia's channel to win a Kayla Itsines BBG and actually won! This could be the start of a new me (and I cannot wait)
  • My husband surprising me with flowers and a bottle of my favourite prosecco, just because
  • Spending Good Friday painting eggs with my niece's. Never a better time to realize how much of an impatient control freak you are when paint and toddlers mix (not that i'd have it any other way)
  • My best friends both had their baby girls (all healthy)
  • Having a long weekend due to Easter, nothing better than 4 days off to spend with the family.
So what about you guys? what's made you happy in the last few weeks?

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Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Shu Uemura Eyelash Curlers

Wow, wow, wow is all I can say to start off this post! I have tried a few eyelash curlers in the past and have never been that impressed with them, so it took me a while to buy into the hype surrounding the Shu Uemura ones.

It's definitely one of those 'I wish I'd got them sooner' moments as they work amazingly well at curling the lashes.

If, like me, you're a bit scared of these contraptions then I assure you there's no need to be! I've heard horror stories about people losing eyelashes or ripping them out (I think they might have used the spring based curlers though). As long as you're careful and concentrate for the 10 seconds it might take you to use these then i'm sure you'll be fine.

Left Side - Curled Lashes & Right - Natural Lashes

I included this before and after picture so you could see just how effective they are at lifting and curling the lashes and to be honest I think it speaks for itself.

I'm not blessed with full lashes (unlike my brothers, who have seriously thick gorgeous lashes! Not Fair!) but you can see that just a quick curl makes mine look fuller and with a couple of coats of your favourite mascara that curl should be in place all day!

I am so so impressed with these curlers and so pleased I finally made the investment as I really do believe they are the best eyelash curlers out there.

If you, too, wanted to make the investment, you can pick them up from Space NK or Selfridges for £20.00.

Have you tried these yet and what do you think?
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Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Netflix - What to Watch

A couple of months ago I finally took the plunge and signed up to Netflix and boy am I pleased I did.

Not only does it have up to date episodes of Pretty Little Liars (which you Must watch if you don't already) it has tons more and is bringing in new things all the time.

So for something a bit different for this blog I thought I'd share my top picks in case some of you wanted something new to watch.
I've already mentioned Pretty Little Liars - I watched this when it was first released and was hooked from the first episode, it's about a group of friends whose 'leader' Alison is murdered and they are then stalked by a mystery character who goes by the name 'A' who knows all their secrets! I love the fact I can watch it just after it has aired in the US! I'm up to date now and cannot wait for the next season!

Bates Motel is something I clicked on randomly and then binge watched from start to finish! Its based on the film 'Psycho' and is the story of Norman Bates before the film was set and how he became 'Psycho'. Season 2 has just come to Netflix so I can't wait to catch up.

Once Upon a Time is brand new to Netflix and I couldn't be happier! I used to watch this on channel 5 before they stopped showing it. It's a modern day fairy tale based around Emma Swan who is drawn to a town called Storybrooke and slowly ends up revealing it's secrets and the true identity of its residents. I have been binge watching the last 2 seasons for a couple of weeks now and I'm all caught up! I love it!

There's also great movies and so many more TV shows to choose from and you can add them to your list so you don't forget about the ones you want to watch.

Next on My List is:
The Returned: Several people come back to their home town in the same week they've been dead for years in this eerie dramatic series. I hate horror but weird and eerie I can deal with. I tried to watch American Horror Story and couldn't get into it without being freaked out! We shall see if I can deal with this series, there's only 4 episodes available at the moment so won't be too hard to get up to date.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: When a woman is rescued from a Doomsday cult and lands in New York city, she must navigate a world she didn't think existed anymore! This is a comedy brought to us by Tina Fey and I've heard great things about it so can't wait to start watching!

At some point I might venture into the Vampire Diaries and Gossip Girl but we'll see.

Just to make it easy for you lovely lot, you can sign up here if you haven't already and you get your first month free if you're new (this is not a sponsored post, just a bit of fun and something a bit different for me)

So have you got Netflix and what are your recommendations?

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Monday, 30 March 2015

Stella by Stella McCartney

I don't feature fragrance on my blog very often as I'm really sensitive to it. Anything too strong makes me feel sick in a matter of minutes! 

Although I don't wear perfume everyday, being fragrance sensitive can pose a problem especially when going out as a spritz of something makes you feel complete.

I adore Gucci II and Chanel Chance Eau Tendre as they settle down really quickly, but I am always on the hunt for something lighter that I can wear all the time. This is where Stella comes in. I read a lot of reviews that said it was light and floral which sounded exactly what I was after. 

So on a rare shopping day I found a counter and tried it out and fell in love with it instantly. The fragrance is inspired by the English Rose in an English country garden, cute right?

Immediately after spraying I thought I smelt citrus which turns out to be right as the Top note is Mandarine Essence. The Heart notes are English Rose and the Base notes Amber, combined they create something really light and very floral, but also fresh and I don't find it overly sweet. it is the perfect light floral fragrance to wear everyday and i'm really pleased I found it.

If you fancy trying this for yourself you can pick it up at Boots, Debenhams or Escentual 

Are any of you fragrance sensitive like me and have you tried this yet? 

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Friday, 27 March 2015

Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara

Where do these companies get their product names from! I'm quite sure there is no mascara, anywhere, that can really claim to be better than sex!

Anyway, aside from the rubbish name, from all the reviews of it being a 'great' mascara I decided to give it a go.

The packaging is lovely and the wand is pretty unique being the shape of an hourglass and all (maybe that's where the name idea came from? womanly figure and all that). Anyway, it's not the biggest i've seen, but it's above average... (sorry, I couldn't resist)

The formula is designed to hold a curl, give length, volume and be smudge proof all day.

I can tell you it does 2 out of 4 for me. It gives length and holds a curl but I don't find it very volumising and worst of all it flakes! I end up with black spots under my eyes and on my cheeks and that's only with an hour or so wear.

For me a mascara needs to be smudge proof and this was not so it won't be on my repurchase list. However if you think this something you might like then you can get it here.

Have you tried this mascara yet and what did you think?
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Wednesday, 25 March 2015

A Great Cleansing Trio...

Anyone who is remotely interested in Skincare knows that cleansing (cleaning) your skin is quite possibly the most important step in any routine.

On any regular day I will do a double cleanse in the evenings and then follow up with a single cleanse in the mornings.

On the days I wear make-up I rely on a 3 step cleanse to make sure I get rid of every last bit of mascara and and make-up that might be clogging up my pores.

I start with an oil based cleanser like The Body Shop Camomile Silky Cleansing Oil and go straight for the eyes to break down whatever mascara is gracing my lashes. I spend about a minute working the oil in and then remove the cleanser with a flannel/wash-cloth rinsed under warm running water.

Next I will go in with my favourite cleanser Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel and work it into my skin to lift any foundation left over and then go over the eyes again to make sure all that mascara is removed, especially from the base of the lashes where it tends to gather and gives you panda eyes in the morning. I spend the most amount of time on this cleanse and even do a bit of facial massage.

Lastly I go in with a cream cleanser, and a clean flannel, to remove any last bits of residue left on my skin. I love the Pai Camelia and Rose Gentle Hydrating Cleanser it feels like i'm working a moisturiser into my skin and it's ideal for sensitive skin.

A tad excessive you might think but it works for me and my skin never feels stripped of moisture. I always follow up with my normal night time routine too.

What do you do to ensure your skin is thoroughly cleansed?
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Monday, 23 March 2015

The Dream Box #3 (British Beauty Blogger)

I have made my love of the subscription beauty box 'My Little Box' well known on this blog of mine and it just so happens I have another love to add to this.

If you don't already know Jane (British Beauty Blogger) then you won't know that she wanted to get behind the beauty box concept and see what was involved and she has ended up releasing 5 boxes in total (from memory, 6 if you include the Givenchy box), 3 of which are collaborations with Latest in Beauty

I have been lucky enough to secure all 5 boxes which sold out in record time and I have loved each and every one! Although I think 1 & 2 are my favourites.

These boxes are not monthly subscription boxes, they are released twice a year which is why they're so sought after. For the first time, luckily for you, there seems to be some boxes left so how could I not share this amazing opportunity with you! 

All these boxes are put together by Jane who has worked in the industry for years so she knows her stuff and only products she loves make the boxes.

There are 16 products this time around, worth over £110 in total and they are as follows:

You can buy the box here for £21.95 with free P&P

Happy shopping! Let me know if you decide to get yourself one of these amazing boxes.

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