Thursday, 30 October 2014

By Terry Baume de rosé

So the hype surrounding this lip balm has been epic! Ever since I started reading blogs this seems to have come up time and time again.

Now I never got sucked into purchasing this and I actually got my hands on it in the last Space NK 'Gift with Purchase'.

It's a really cute little pot and I was so excited to try it, it was the first thing I opened and used!

It feels really good on the lips and glides on beautifully and smells, as you would expect, of roses. So top marks for texture and scent!

Unfortunately this didn't live up to expectations! Considering this comes with a mega price tag I was expecting miracles and so I should for £38!

It didn't do anything exceptional for my dry (and on occasions, chapped) lips and I felt the need to apply it more often as it seemed to disappear quite quickly.

In all honesty I believe £38 is ridiculous money for something that works no better than your average chemist/drugstore lip balm.

I think the Body Shop Aloe Lip Care (Balm) and Bite Beauty's Agave Lip Mask are wonderful and less than half the price! They certainly work just as well, if not better!

My advice... Don't waste your money, unless you really want to of course!

I'm not saying I would turn this away if it was a gift, but it's certainly not something I would buy myself!

You can find the Baume de Rose here for £38.00

Would you be willing to part with £38.00 for this little tub of rosy goodness?

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Love Me Beauty Box

Last week I wrote about the monthly beauty subscription box ‘My Little Box’ and advised you it was the only one I was currently subscribed to. 

I have been subscribed to others in the past but cancelled them all as I was spending too much money on them and getting a bit bored. So imagine my surprise when a box from Love Me Beauty arrived on my doorstep.

I immediately got in touch with them as I was worried I had been/would be charged for it and offered to send it back to them. They got back to me within the hour to tell me I wasn’t being charged and to accept the box as a present, how lovely is that? (I use my personal email for that so they have no idea about my blog so I do not consider this a PR sample).

Anyway as a thank you to them for their kindness I decided to share the box with you guys and show you what I got.

This company have recently re-launched the box and you can now choose the samples you receive each month, or you can choose for them to surprise you instead. The surprise will be based on the beauty questionnaire you complete when you sign up.

You get 6 credits per month and each sample is 1 or 2 credits so you can have a minimum of 3 samples and a maximum of 6 depending on what you choose.

The box design is simple but lovely and inside the contents are in a drawstring bag along with a little card welcoming you to the box.

Inside the box is:
Malin & Goetz Peppermint Shampoo sample (RRP £16.00)

You can subscribe to the Love Me Beauty Box here for £10.00 plus £3.95 P&P per month.

Do you subscribe to any beauty boxes? If so which ones?

Sunday, 26 October 2014

Autumn Fashion Wishlist

Autumn Fashion Wishlist

There are a few things on my fashion wish list for autumn so I thought I would share them with you.

(Starting with Top Row L-R)
F&F Cube Print Shirt Dress £20.00 (Link)

F&F Embellished Cable Knit Jumper £22.00 (Link)

Zara Elastic Ankle Boot £29.99 (Link)
Zara Kid Mohair Jumper £24.99 (Link)
Zara Croc City Bag with Chain £109.00 (Link)
Warehouse Grey Cricket Jumper £38.00 (Link)
(Asos) Junarose Long Line Salt & Pepper Cardigan £35.00 (Link)

The main thing I noticed when putting this together is the grey! Think that must be the colour of the season for me.

What’s on your wish list this Autumn?

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Eye Massage??

Eye massage you hear me say, please don't run away just yet! 

Now I am being straight with you and admitting I nicked this post idea (or rather seriously thought this needed sharing & took it upon myself to do so) from the fabulous Caroline aka Mrs Hirons!

Firstly I love her! I adore her blog and I am obsessed with her YouTube Channel! and most of all, I trust her advice and I would love to have a consultation with her one day! Enough gushing for you?

Photo Credit

Well this post is based on her Luxe Eye Creams video, here (Go Watch! If you haven't already, of course) and her words of wisdom about massaging the eye cream in, instead of patting the cream in! ''It's OK, if you're a fairy!'' This is in her own words!

I am and have been guilty of maybe being a bit too gentle with the eye area, but that's what we're all told isn't it? Be careful, the skin is so thin you don't want to damage it, you'll get wrinkles if you pull on that area, etc, etc...

Well since watching said video I have plucked up the courage to apply my eye cream in the way Caroline advised and OH MY! Amazed is not the word!

Seriously I have seen a real reduction in my fine lines and in the puffiness of my eyelids!!! I have quite hooded lids and although this is just my eye shape this technique has also reduced the appearance of them. I so wish I had taken before pictures!

Essentially what you're doing is draining excess fluid from that area by massaging the cream in around the orbital bone in upwards and outwards movements. Again Go Watch the video! That way I don't have to worry about describing it and you get to see her in action!

I am honestly staggered by the results and although I'm no expert, Caroline is, so I would urge you to watch her videos and give the technique a go. Her blog is here if you fancy a read!

Please, please let me know if you watched the video, if you've tried this technique and most importantly if it worked for you!

Also share this if you did like it I mean it would be rather mean for us to keep it ourselves now, wouldn't it?

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

My Little Box (October 2014)

Sorry I didn't post last week! I've been poorly (as my nieces say) and not had the energy to pick the laptop up :-(

Anyway, I received my 2nd subscription box from My Little Box and wanted to share it with you.

For those of you who don't know, My Little Box is a monthly beauty subscription box from France who started shipping to the UK last month. Beauty boxes tend to contain beauty product samples, but My Little Box differs as it includes lifestyle bits too.

Each month the box is called something different and based around the boxes theme. This month the box is called the Diane Von Furstenberg and as you would expect from that, a collaboration with her.

First up out of the box is a lip pin for your coat or jacket, cute right? And then comes a beautiful Diane Von Furstenberg scarf and a handy little guide with how many ways you can use it. I love this scarf it's beautifully made and the pattern is really versatile!

It also comes with a magazine which, although small, is a really good read! This month is more or less dedicated to Diane Von Furstenberg but it taught me something I didn't know (Diane is the creator of the Wrap Dress), so that's always good!

Next up is a Kérastase Laque Noir (anti-humidity super shield fixing hairspray) aside from the hairspray part, this is something I look for in a product as my hair is very fine, frizzy & fly away so if this works I will be making a purchase!

Something new from My Little Beauty next (my little boxes own brand) is their 'Eau Micellar', sounds so much better than Micellar Water, don't you think? Now I'm no stranger to micellar waters but I don't really use them unless I'm removing makeup from swatching products for blog pictures. However I will give this a go and see if it can convert me...

Finally a L'Occitane Vanilla Bouquet Hand Cream i've used these before and enjoyed it so pleased to see i've got another one, even if it is only in miniature form.

This is only my 2nd box from My Little Box and already it's blown all the other beauty boxes out of the water! I will continue to keep my subscription going and look forward to it as a treat each month.

If you fancy getting your hands on one you can get it here and it will cost you £14.95 per month (£11.00 plus £3.95 p+p) but you can stop the service at any time!

So what do you think? Will any of you be signing up?

Sunday, 12 October 2014

Hand Chemistry Intense Youth Complex

When I started my blog back in January, I had no thoughts about getting freebies or sponsored posts so when I was recently contacted by a brand who asked me if I would like to be sent a sample to review I was literally gob smacked! When I realized it wasn't a joke I agreed for them to send me one of their products.

Hand Chemistry has a number of products dedicated to the hands and I was lucky enough to be sent the Intense Youth Complex hand cream!

This cream has 19.5% active ingredients which claim to visibly improve firmness, elasticity, density, evenness, brightness, texture, smoothness and hydration. Pretty amazing claims you might say, but I would recommend checking out their website (click on science) as they have done so much research into their product and have it there for you to see.

First things first, I suffer with eczema/dermatitis on and off and always have fairly dry hands, especially coming into autumn and winter as my skin tends to change with the seasons!

This cream hydrates my skin really well and it sinks in really quickly! I have always had issues with hand cream never sinking in properly and I always end up with greasy hands and fingertips so I would only use one before bed (have you tried using a pen or tapping away on a keyboard with greasy fingertips? Yuck).

I was initially worried about the same thing happening with this cream as it's really thick, so I was seriously impressed when I was able to carry on as normal very soon after applying it. I would say it took around 30 seconds to a minute to sink in but when you actually feel how thick the cream is that's pretty darn good!

(Now, I don’t know about you but I like to be able to use a hand cream all over, I see some people just applying it to the backs of their hands and wonder how on earth they deal with dry palms! Nope for me, it’s all over, or nothing!)

I am lucky enough not to have any real signs of ageing on my hands yet so its difficult to comment on whether there was any major improvement in that side of things! However, I can say that my hands are softer and smoother! I also have a couple of tiny scars on my left hand and the appearance of those has diminished slightly and that's only after 2 weeks so that for me covers the evenness.

Also, I do believe the fact that it hydrates really well would reduce signs of ageing, as well moisturised skin does look plumper and smoother.


The other bonus with this cream is that you only need to apply it twice a day. For the purposes of my review I did follow the guidelines and used it once in the morning and then before bed and I didn't feel the need to reapply it throughout the day.

I am also seriously impressed with the longevity of the product, what I mean by that is I feel I need to use a fair amount to get enough slip to work it into my hands properly, without dragging on my skin (if that makes sense), but after 2 weeks of testing I still have well over half the tube left.

This is how much I found I needed to use each time and still have loads left!

Now it wouldn't be a proper review from me if I didn't mention the smell would it? This smells ah-maz-ing! Initially it smells fruity but sweet at the same time. It reminds me of something but I can't quite put my finger on it.

Overall i’m extremely impressed with this hand cream and at £18.99 for 100ml I wouldn't recommend something I didn't believe was worth it. For me it ticks all the boxes and I would be happy to repurchase this, something to save my boots points up for…

Oh and I'm very pleased to say they don't test their products on animals! Always a bonus in my eyes.

You can get your ‘hands’ on this hand cream from the following places... Hand Chemistry, Boots and Look Fantastic.

Let me know what you think and if you would try this for yourself.

(Post contains a PR Sample*)

Thursday, 9 October 2014

The 90s Lip Trend

So unless you've been living under a rock for the last few months then you would have seen the major hype surrounding the classic 90s look of winged liner and the lip colour the infamous Kylie Jenner is wearing.

For me this is old news! I was there the first time round! (God that makes me sound old) I used to rock the winged liner and the brown/y lip! For me Rimmel's Heather Shimmer started the trend in the 90s. It was the original browny/mauve shade and I am so pleased they still make it!

I managed to get my hands on one from Superdrug and it’s exactly as I remember it.

The other shades that I managed to dig out from my collection and are also loving are, MAC Twig (a definite mix of mauve & brown), Bite Beauty’s Cava (more lilac with a hint of brown), Bourjois Rouge Edition 02 Beige Trench (a bit darker than Cava) and Maybelline ColourSens in 740 Coffee Craze (a nude brown).

L-R Heather Shimmer, Twig, Cava, Beige Trench, Coffee Craze

The lip pencils are MAC Dervish, MAC Soar and MAC Whirl (you can find them here). I have been loving these on there own all over the lip or under one of the above lip shades.

L-R Dervish, Soar, Whirl

Aside from lip balm, these are the only colours gracing my lips at the moment and they're also perfect for autumn/winter along with some berry shades which I will do a post on soon so keep your eyes peeled!

What are your favourites? And have I sent any of you running to get your 90s lip fix?